Fifteen seconds. That’s about how long it takes a potential buyer to decide if they like your house. So if you want to sell your home faster, and for a higher price, first impressions are everything. Keep in mind that 95 percent of buyers are not looking for a fixer-upper or home that’s going to need a lot of work. Making the house look ready to move in will be a big advantage for you in the selling process.

Follow the five basic strategies below to put your house in the best possible light. This can help you move your home more quickly and for a better price.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Buyers don’t start evaluating a house when they open the front door. They start when they first pull up to the curb. Overgrown bushes, weed filled flower beds and patchy grass will not make a good impression. Trim the bushes, add new mulch and make sure the grass is mowed and well maintained. If you have a lot of windows on the front of your house, getting the windows professionally cleaned may really brighten up the exterior. And finally, depending on the age of the house, you may also want to consider having the exterior paint touched up or completely redone.

If your house looks good on the outside, potential buyers will see it as one less expense they have to consider when they move in.

Get Rid of the Clutter

De-cluttering means more than just tidying up. You should consider getting a temporary storage unit to remove most of your personal items. Some experts go so far as to say you should pack up any knick-knacks smaller than the length of your forearm. Potential buyers can’t really “see” the house if there is too much stuff in the way. You want them to be able to visualize putting their things in the house – and to start thinking of it as their home.

Your goal should be making your home look like it is ready for a photo shoot for a catalog or magazine.

Keep it Clean

This goes without saying, but you want your house to sparkle when a prospective buyer visits. The entire home needs a thorough, top to bottom, deep cleaning. Start with the entry way, since that is the first thing a buyer will see. Make sure the kitchen is immaculate. The dishes need to be put away and the counter tops needs to be cleared and cleaned. And maybe the most important areas are the bathrooms. Make sure they are scrubbed down thoroughly. It can also help to buy new shower curtains and towels.

Remember, buyers want a house that is move-in ready. Evaluate the condition of your carpets. They may need to be replaced or they may just need a professional carpet cleaning. If a buyer doesn’t think they will have to replace the carpet, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in your price negotiations!

Nobody’s dream home is dirty. A clean house allows a buyer to start thinking of the house as their home.

Consider Home Staging

A home stager is similar to an interior decorator – an expert in planning and choosing colors, fabrics, and furniture, and then arranging them in a way that makes your home look its best. But a good home stager is not focused on creating a home that suits your personal tastes and needs, but instead on making your home appeal to a broad range of tastes. Professional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. With the aid of a professional home stager, your house can make a great first impression on potential home buyers.

According to, staged homes sell 50% faster and for 6-10% more than non-staged homes.

Let There Be Light

Most of us don’t live in our homes with every light turned on, but that is definitely how a house should be when a potential buyer sees it. When showing your home, turn on every light, including those in closets, bathrooms and basements. Don’t use low wattage bulbs either – you want as much light as possible. Also, make sure to leave the blinds and curtains open wide, taking advantage of every bit of natural light. A good interior and exterior window cleaning will really help brighten up the house too.

It’s a psychological fact that the brighter a house when a buyer first sees it, the better impression they will have of the home overall.

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One Call Can Save You Time and Money

Buyers will walk into your house and try to picture the house as their home. Most people don’t have the vision to look past stained carpet, dishes in the sink or pet food spilled on the floor. It doesn’t matter that their own house may look the same. So even though keeping your house in tip-top shape while it is on the market, especially if you have kids and pets, is probably one of the hardest parts of selling your home, the investment can pay huge dividends in the amount of time your home is on the market and in the final selling price.

Golden Services can make preparing your home to go on the market much easier and can save you money as well. We provide many of the services you need to get your home ready to sell: House CleaningCarpet CleaningWindow Cleaning and Lawn Care. We offer simple pricing options and can work with you to create the perfect plan for your specific needs. Call today: (469) 777-6679.