Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance Services

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Landscaping Maintenance Services Offered

Flower Bed Cleanup

Golden Services landscaping service will remove the unsightly weeds, grass, and debris from your flowerbeds that crowd your desirable plants and rob them of important nutrients. We will also prep your beds and apply a thick layer of mulch to help prevent new weed growth and maximize water retention.

We can also remove and/or install small plants and seasonal flowers if requested. The cost of new flowers and plants will be in addition to the hourly service rate.

Hedge Trimming Services

Hedge trimming will clean up and beautify the shrubs and bushes around your home. Proper trimming will also help keep your bushes from splitting or being damaged by weather.

Many hedges need to be trimmed several times during the summer, but it is NOT recommended to trim during the late fall. This will stimulate plant growth when plants should be in a dormant phase.

Small Tree Pruning

Golden Lawn Care’s tree pruning service includes cleaning out deadwood, pruning low hanging branches, and removing debris. Pruning trees is beneficial to your overall lawn health because it allows sunlight through the canopy to allow the grass and plants below to grow.