Lawn Fertilization Service

A beautiful, healthy lawn is a great asset to your home. Not only does a great-looking lawn improve your homes’ curb appeal, it makes being outdoors feel even better. Proper lawn care and feeding is important if you want your yard to grow to its full potential. Along with regular mowing and watering, fertilization plays an important role in making the grass greener on your side of the fence.

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Recommended Lawn Fertilization Program

Early Spring (1 application):

Feeding your lawn in the spring strengthens it’s roots and gets it off to a strong start before the heavy growing season. Optimally, your first fertilization application should happen when the soil temperature reaches about 55 degrees. In Frisco and the surrounding area, that is usually around late March or early April. You’ll know it’s around the right time when you notice your grass has started growing again.

Every Six Weeks (4 applications):

Golden Lawn Care uses slow-release fertilizers, which break down their nutrients over a longer period of time, so you can wait longer between applications. Our eco friendly organic fertilizers last about six weeks.

Fall (1 application):

The last fall feeding is a critical fertilizer application. Grass is still growing in the fall and as the roots are going down they need plenty of fertilizer. This will also set your lawn up for a healthy and green spring next year.

Why You Need a Lawn Fertilization Program

There is a simple secret to making the most of your lawn without a lot of hassle: regular feedings. Keeping your lawn properly fertilized can turn a so-so lawn into a kick-off-your-shoes lawn the whole family can enjoy.  Remember, it is easier to keep your lawn at its best with just an ounce of prevention. Keep you lawn fertilized every 6 weeks to keep it looking great and worry-free.

Fewer Weeds

Thick, healthy grass doesn’t give weeds room to grow. Weeds can be really tough to get rid of, but they have a much harder time taking root when your lawn grass is thick and healthy. A regular fertilization program helps make the grass in your yard as healthy and thick as possible, which will go a long way in reducing weeds in your lawn.