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Simple Pricing

At Golden Lawn Care there are no contracts and no surprises. Our simple lawn service pricing is listed right here on our website. You choose how much or how little you want us to do. We even let you book your lawn service online!

100% Guaranteed

Customer service is what makes Golden Lawn Care different. We are here when you need us and don’t take you for granted. If you aren’t satisfied with your lawn care service, we’ll come back and fix it for free!


Safe and Secure

At Golden Lawn Care we take your safety very seriously. All of our lawn mowing technicians have been through a multiple step interview process and full back ground check. You can feel safe with Golden.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn


Lawn mowing is about much more than just keeping your grass short. How you mow your grass can have a huge impact on the overall health and appearance of your lawn and turf. Our mowing system is designed to give you the healthiest possible lawn, without the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

Don’t mow your lawn too short.

Grass needs long blades for photosynthesis. When you cut the grass really short, it has to grow back very fast or die. This rapid growth weakens the plant, making it more vulnerable to diseases, pest and weeds. Longer grass has the following advantages:

  • more shade on the soil means you don’t need as much water
  • deeper roots don’t need as much water
  • a thicker turf leaves less room for weeds

Lawn care scalping (see below) is sometimes beneficial to your grass, but during lawn mowing season your grass should be kept at least 2 inches high.

Change direction with every mow.

Changing up the direction as you mow keeps the grass from constantly bending in the same direction and also minimizes ruts that can form in softer soil. This leaves your lawn looking thicker and more even.

Use mulching mowers.

While it may be needed to bag on the first mowing of very long grass, mulching is much healthier for your lawn. Mulching mowers chop up your cut grass into fine clippings which act as fertilizer for your lawn. These clippings can contain up to 80% water and 5% nitrogen – essential nutrients for healthy grass. The mulch will also reduce the water needs of your lawn and decrease lawn waste – making it a very environmentally friendly landscape maintenance solution.

Don’t over water!

Watering less frequently forces your grass roots deeper into the soil. During the hot, Texas summer days, as the top layer of soil dries out, weeds (which have shallower roots) die while your grass still find moisture deeper down.

One way to tell that your grass is ready for water is when it starts to curl. This is the optimum time to water about an inch. If you have a programmable sprinkler system, it’s better to water about 1/2 inch, wait about an hour and a half and then water another 1/2 inch. If your grass is really dry (and turning brown), water half an inch, wait about three hours and then water another inch.

Remember, every time you water the lawn, you are washing away some of the soil nutrients. So the less often you water, the more fertile your soil and better looking your lawn.