Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Flat Rate Pricing

Our carpet cleaning pricing is simply priced per room you want to have cleaned. You don’t have to count square footage or wait for a “consultation”. And our listed prices are what you pay, period – no hidden charges or high-pressure up-selling.

100% Guaranteed

At Golden, we really care about your satisfaction. If you aren’t completely happy with your carpet cleaning, let us know within 24 hours and we will take care of it. Golden gives you a Happiness Guarantee.


Safe and Secure

At Golden Services, we do a thorough interview and complete background check on all of our carpet cleaners. We know that the safety of your family is important and we truly respect the trust you give us by letting us into your home.

Pet Friendly

Did you know that we named our company Golden because we love our Golden Retrievers? We know that your pets are an important part of your family, just like they are to ours. That is why we use only pet friendly cleaning technicians.

Golden Carpet Cleaning Reviews


The carpet cleaning service was great. Timely and well done!

Erin P.

Frisco, TX

…arrived on time, attended to every spot and left my home with clean, spotless carpets.

David M.

Frisco, TX

It was actually fantastic!  My carpets look so good…

Ruth H.

Frisco, TX

Why Choose Golden Carpet Cleaning


There are lots of advantages to having our Frisco based Golden Carpet Cleaning company clean and maintain your carpets on a regular basis.

Extend the Life of Your Carpets

For starters, regular carpet cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets. Regular professional carpet cleaning can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting an important investment in your home. A deep clean of your carpet by the Golden Carpet Cleaning company also makes it easier to maintain. When you remove spots and stains it protects your carpets from damage because these problem areas can attract more soiling.

Improve Air Quality

A really good carpet cleaning also improves your indoor air quality. Carpets can trap many airborne pollutants which must be removed in order to protect the carpet and maintain good indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning also prevents the build up of unhealthy contaminants, including allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and even bedbugs.

It Looks and Feels Great!

Of course, the most important reason to let Golden Carpet Cleaning clean your carpets is how it makes you feel! A well cleaned carpet looks clean and feels fresh, making your feel so much better about your home. Clean, well-maintained carpets speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of your home and you’ll breath easier when you see the difference a Golden Carpet Cleaning can make. Call, text, email or book online – but schedule your professional carpet cleaning with Golden Services today.